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Services et Ressources pour VR

When traveling in an RV, you sometimes have to stop to refuel, buy food or other supplies, drain tanks or in case of emergency contact a dealer or a specialized service center.  Here you will find answers to many of your questions:


Gas Buddy

Price of liter from all gas stations in Quebec and elsewhere...

Propane Québec

Where to get propane in the province...
All addresses

Other Convenience Store-Gasoline-Parking

Liste des Irving avec stationnements pour VR

Walmart parking lots

Although Haltes-VR Gratuits does not recommend Walmart parking lots, we believe that they represent an alternative solution in certain regions.

Find a Walmart store

Always ask permission before parking your RV overnight!

Walmart Canada states on its website: “While we do not provide electrical service or accommodations typically needed by RV customers, Walmart values RV travelers and considers them among its best customers. Therefore, we authorize the parking of recreational vehicles in the parking lots of our stores to the extent of our possibilities. Permission to park is granted by theindividual store managers, depends onseat availability parking andlocal laws. Please contact the management of each store to ensure accommodations before parking your RV. »

Ideas for vacations and outings in Quebec

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